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I Am Woman; Hear Me Roar!


I just wanted to toot my horn a little, that’s all. The hole on the right used to look like the bush on the left, and who dug that sucker up, roots and all? Me! And who’s going to dig the other bush up? Me! Why? Because I can!

It took me a couple weeks between the heat and waiting for the trash can to be emptied, but I finally did it this morning! I love yard work and house work (but hate it too) because at the end there is a clear line of success. Bush-no bush, dirty-not dirty. It’s a great feeling to accomplish something even something as “simple” as digging up a big bush!

My message: take those small accomplishments and put them on your personal global scale whether it’s doing a good job at work, working hard for/with your family, volunteering, or even following your dreams that will affect the world.

Go forth in this world and do something great with it!

P.S. The adrenaline is getting to me. Eventually this enthusiasm will wane and I’ll be dying on the couch. That bush put up a good fight!

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