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Checking Off My Travel Bucket List… And Restarting It All Over Again

Part of the reason I haven’t been as present on this blog, other than my God-given procrastination talents, is the amount of traveling I’ve been doing. Since September I’ve been to Disneyland (for the billionth time, but who cares, it’s Disney!), Sedona, D.C./Virginia, Universal Studios Orlando and Harry Potter World (OMG!!!), ziplining/Payson, Maryland, and finally Utah. The last two were within a week of each other, by the way. I’m exhausted! But I’m always thinking about the next trip and the next set of possibilities. I have places I’ve already been and need to go back (Italy and England), and places I’m dying to visit (Greece and Egypt to name only a couple).

I have my own bucket list of locations, but then I see or hear about another beautiful and amazing place I have to see, and what do you know, the list gets longer yet again! I plan on writing more posts on my travels, but right now I want to hear from you. Whoever you are, if there is a you out there reading this, what is your favorite place to visit? What locale is on your bucket list?

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