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Can I Have Coffee With That?

The title is slightly misleading as I don’t like coffee at all, but it still works.

Several months ago, around when I first started writing THE CAVERN, I came across a Facebook post by a friend about the success of a little site called She used it to help her grandchildren do their homework, and it worked wonders. “Why not give it a try?” I thought. I don’t like complete silence when I write or read, but I don’t do well with lyrical music playing- it distracts me too much.

Holy crap, is all I can say. It’s the best site ever! I never did a formal count, but I’d say my writing spiked about 300%. If I’m doing my math correctly (that’s debatable at times) I went from about 500 words a day (weak sauce!) to usually getting 1500-2000 knocked out in a day. Compared to other authors this might still seem puny, but hey it got my book finished in 4 months so I’m not complaining.

The concept of is that creativity and productivity (that enough ivities for you?) are boosted by coffee shop background noises or just simple ambient noise. For me it works like this: my brain is already in the middle of another world and in a half dozen people’s thoughts. When I listen to music, my brain has to split and shift between the thoughts in my head and what I just heard on Pandora. allows me to focus on what’s in front of me and not worry about the song that’s playing.

If you can listen to music while writing then more power to you! If you’re like me, then definitely give coffitivity a try. You’ll love your life just a little more.

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