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A Few Words Of Wisdom, a.k.a. I’m A Fortune Cookie Now

So much has happened in the last few weeks; personal and writing related. I’m going to break my promise, just a little, to say a few words of wisdom.

Here goes: listen to your friends; listen to the professionals; listen to the people that have no clue who you are past the 5 minutes they’ve known you, but they’ve said the same thing the first two groups have said. Oh, and most importantly, listen to yourself. When you know you’re letting someone mistreat you or you’re doing something you’d call out your friends on, then listen!

Along the vein of “yourself”- don’t lose yourself. When you’ve spent SEVERAL months (or days, or weeks, or years) rediscovering yourself and your badassness, don’t allow it to get washed away in a wave from the past. Now if you do (just admit it, we all have!), then always know you can come back, and you will come back, stronger and more confident.That wave won’t know what hit ’em 😉

You’re better than the things that have happened to you; remember that.

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